Monday, March 19, 2012

Favorite Disney Websites!

I love to find new Disney websites to review when I am missing my favorite place on earth! I have several websites that I follow on a routine basis but I am always open to new suggestions! Leave your suggestions in the comment area :) Here are some of my favorites! I have included the link to the websites so you can check them out for yourself! 1. Disney Tourist Blog! - They (Sarah and Tom) have the best pictures of Disney that I have EVER seen before.... his pictures are always on my cover for facebook and desktop background! Here is a preview of his work:
2. Disney Food Blog! - If you ever want to find updated information on Disney food, here is your site! Warning.... don't look when your hungry :) 3. Easy WDW! - Josh shares great reviews and inside information on the parks! I love his sense of humor, a bit dry but great. Rusty and I actually ran into him on our last trip at the Animal Kingdom, we said hello- it was a great time! 4. The Magical Blogorail! - Great website with lots of Disney blogs to follow :) I hope you enjoy looking at some of my favorite Disney websites, please feel free to share any new ideas for me.... I am always looking for a new website to forget the real world and dream of Disney!!!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

We Must Be Crazy.....

We are getting ready to start planning our next Disney Trip...... with 13 people!!!!!! I find myself thinking (very often)....."we must be crazy!" We are planning our trip for the end of November/beggining of December (still have to pin down the final dates) but it should be a good time! We will be going down with my brother in law (Mike), sister in law (Jen), their two children (our neices and nephews) Luke and Hannha, family friend (sister of our sister in law) Julie, her husband (Jeff), and their two children (Samantha and Sydney), my mother in law (Barb), and then my sister in laws parents (Gail and Dale). Wow.... that is a list! We are working on deciding what resort we want to stay out, figuring out how many rooms we will need, and what the sleeping arrangements will be! It is all very exciting.... my favorite thing to do is plan Disney trips :) We are most likely going to stay at Disney's Old Key West since they offer a grand three bedroom for the least amount of DVC points....but it will depend on what is avaialble when we are able to book. A lot of the people going have never been before, so it is going to be very exciting- I just hope everyone has a good time. We have never gone with this many people or with this many kids! Being a couple without any children, this is a little scary for us! We went down about one year ago with my sister, brother in law, parents, and one nephew and that was a great time- but a lot less people! We are trying to figure out how we want to do dinners... I am concerned that a party of 13 will take a long time to seat and then get our food at regular sit down places. Any thoughts?? I would love to hear from any of you who have gone with this size groups before! We will most likely end of up eating at some buffets with characters due to the kids, but I don't want to do too many because to me they don't have the best food (sorry!) Are thoughts so far for places to eat include: - Prime Time 50's Cafe -Whispering Canyon - Chef Mickey's - O'hanas - Garden Grille - Tusker House (b-fast) - Le Cellier (with out the kids) But we are open to suggestions :) I just can't wait for the trip....just about 9.5 months, haha. I will have to start my official count down soon!!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am dreaming of Disney on this Thanksgiving Eve.... oh what I wouldn't do to be in Disney for the holiday!!! When I was a little girl, I went to Disney for the Thanksgiving holiday. We had such a good time! I remember eating hot dogs for lunch at Casey's Corner and then dinner at Crystal Palace which did a special Thanksgiving dinner. I cherish all the memories I have of going to Disney with my family, I love it :) While I was thinking about another trip to Disney for Thanksgiving, I started to think where I would want to have the famous Thanksgiving feast. I couldn't help but come back to the same place.... Liberty Tree Tavern at the Magic Kingdom. Their "routine" food is already pretty well themed for the holiday, but I understand that they do a special Thanksgiving feast for the holiday.
The location in Liberty Square and "soul" good gives it that all American and home-cooked meal feel which we all look forward to for Thanksgiving. I am now officially ready for some super yummy food tomorrow!!! Have you ever gone to Disney for Thanksgiving, if so where did you eat????

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Snack Review: Carrot Cake Cookie :)

I love reading other Disney blogs and finding new and exciting things about Disney, especially new food ideas. On several of the Disney blogs that I follow people were raving about the Carrot Cake Cookie at the Writer's Shop in Hollywood Studios.
After seeing the pictures and reading the reviews, I knew we had to give it a try (not to mention that we love carrot cake!)
Well the reviews and pictures did not disappoint.... it was delicious! So delicious that we had two on our trip!!! They are huge, very nice snack to share with someone (great way to make the most out of your snack credits!) Very moist and the icing in the middle is so creamy!!
If you have not tried one, make sure you add it to your list of snacks for your next Disney World trip!!!

Monday, October 31, 2011

3 Year Anniversary- Disney Style!!

Rusty and I celebrated our three year wedding anniversary in Disney! We had a great romantic night in Epcot- walking around the world showcases is always a good time!
We had dinner at La Hacienda de San Angel (Mexican restaurant) which was super yummy. The food was delicious and it offered a good viewing of illuminations.
My only complaint was our seat.... when we booked our reservation we informed them that it was going to be our anniversary and we would like a window seat since we had a 8pm reservation (just enough time to watch the 9pm illumination show). We also called when we arrived to Disney to state the above and informed them at the hostess station when we checked in. We were disappointed when we were sat in a table with NO view of the windows/fireworks at ALL! I was very upset, so my wonderful hubby went to the manager to request another table. We were not able to get another table right away, but the manager did clear a table for us to sit at just for the fireworks.... not totally the same thing but it worked! Once the show was over we headed back to our table just in time for our food to be done :)
Overall, it was a wonderful experience with some really good food (but we might be partial, we love Mexican food) and it was a great anniversary! I look forward to many, many more years to come with wonderful Disney Vacations!!!

View of the Epcot ball at night- beautiful!

Mr. and Mrs.

Mexico Pavilion!

Anniversary Dinner

Rusty's Dinner- Shrimp Tacos

My Dinner- Mexican style Fish and Rice

Dessert- Apple Crisp thing (sorry, I forget the name but it was WONDERFUL!)

View of Illuminations- fireworks!


I love HIM!

And because this picture makes me laugh... haha

Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy 40th Anniversary MK!

Rusty and I were lucky enough to experience Magic Kingdom's 40th anniversary celebration. It is hard to believe that the most magical place has been open for 40 years!!!
We were not able to celebrate at the Magic Kingdom in the morning due to other plans but we were able to enjoy the evening at the park!
We had dinner at Tony's Town square around 7pm and were finished just in time to enjoy the fireworks! It was sooooo crowded, like 4th of July crowded but the fireworks were amazing!!
After the fireworks we enjoyed the main street electrical parade and then spent the rest of the night enjoying some of our favorite MK rides!!!
Enjoy the pictures :)

Look at all of those people!

Every where you turned, there were five more people!

Castle, so pretty at night!


Again, I got lucky catching this one!

I could watch these fireworks every night!

So Pretty

Parade time.... I don't have too many pictures, but it was great!

It was awesome to experience the 40th anniversary celebration, something I am sure we will remember for many years to come. I hope I will be able to celebrate the 80th celebration in another 40 years.... that will make me 66! I am sure I will love Disney just as much then as I do now :)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Disney's Old Key West Resort!

I have been a total slacker since I came home from Disney.... I really need to start blogging about our amazing trip!
So, here it goes :)

We stayed at the Old Key West- it was amazing! It is one of the Disney Vacation Club resorts, actually it is the very first vacation club resort they opened. It is based on the Florida Keys and truly makes you feel like you are on a tropical vacation! It is considered one of the downtown Disney resorts and provides a nice boat ride over to downtown Disney.

Our room was located right off the hospitality house and less than a 30 second walk to bus stop, which was wonderful. Nothing beats closer to the bus stop after a long day at the parks!

We had a two bedroom villa that we shared with another couple. There were two bedrooms- one master with a king size bed and another room with two queen beds. There were two bathroom, the master had a stand up shower and Jacuzzi tub. There was also a large living room area with a dining room and kitchen. You could also sleep more people in the living room if needed. The room also had a balcony with a outside table, ceiling fan, and beautiful view of the golf course.

There were several pools on the property, the main pools and quiet pools. We were close by to the main pool which had an awesome water slide along with a play area for children, huge sand area, tennis courts, and a fire pit.

The resort has a sit down restaurant, Olivia's, which services breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We didn't try it out, but it always smelled good. There are two counter services available which we did try, they have your basic Disney counter services (think burgers, salads, and sandwiches). There is also the Generals Store which was stocked with food, drinks, and everything you would need at Disney!

Here are some pictures that we took of the resort and inside our room!

Living Room Area (sitting area, dining room, full kitchen, and balcony area)

Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom

Laundry in our room, best EVER!



Full Kitchen

View from our Balcony

View from the Bus Stop by our room!

Main Pool

Play Area by the Pool

Slide, notice the mickey head ;)

I loved all the palm trees!!

Overall, we LOVED Old Key West and will definitely be staying there again. The rooms were very spacious and well decorated. Our only complaint was the multiple bus stops, we were the first bus stop to be picked up and it took about 15 mins to ride around the resort. Not the end of the world, but not always fun!!